I really love this recipe… I used 1 banana and 2 eggs, but the end result is petty much the same… great with maple syrup 😀

Z's Cup of Tea

These pancakes are really simple and easy to make, requiring only fresh, ripe bananas and eggs. Making these pancakes for the first time may not be perfect: as the batter doesn’t really have anything to bind to, like pancakes that use a kind of flour, sometimes it can be a bit messy but either way they taste delicious all the time. Due to this sometimes messy nature, it did take more than one try to get the pancakes perfect for the photo shoot (above).  Regarding amount, a general rule of thumb is to use half the amount of eggs as bananas, i.e. 12 bananas and 6 eggs, or 9 bananas and 5 eggs. For servings, generally a batter made of 4 bananas and 2 eggs will make 8 to 16 pancakes, depending on size of pancakes, serving at least 4 people (4 pancakes per person and also depending on appetite)…

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