Spring Break, Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Helllooooo loveliesss!!

Sigh. I have been so busy lately, not much time for anything. My writing has been feeble and seldom, my drawings rushed and frivolous.  But I must take into account that with spring break, i am not really myself. I have spent hour upon hour in my room, watching movie after movie, particularly, my new favourite *obsession* The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have seen it a total of 5.5 times in one week, i must think that to be a record. The Rocky Horror Picture show is a low budget cult movie from the 70’s ish. It simply is indescribable– transvestite scientists, sexy man made men, aliens and rock stars. The weird variety of characters in the musical mani is what i find make it most appealing. I absolutely adore Tim Curry as Frank-n-Furter, a mad scientist; the vocals are brilliant, the lyrics more fabulous then anything.

Sexual Strange, And Flamboyantly Fantabulous, if you havent it already, you really must!

The iconic lips, with frank-n-furter in toll, one of my favourite lines quoted at the bottom.


Some old poetry of mine <3

What woke me was unknown and hallow.
Like a hushed wind not so hushed
On a calm night
Not so calm.

My sleep was hazy,
a blurry dreamt up euphoria,
like glazed over eyes staring into nothingness.
Which mine did that night
glazed like frosted over lakes,
never seeing peace over a crowded winter.

And when my eyes did close,
REM was etched into my lids
weird happinesses dancing in my picture frames.

Cut short by the shadow of a figure
shadowed on the outline of my penciled inner eye lid.
Eyes wide open now, Im sure I would sat.
My ass etched into my mattress.
A foreign print till morning.

So I would have seen the icy frost that seeped
under my covers
and felt it cake against my skin.
Filling my pores with granite.

I think I remember his “eyes” against mine.
Orbs that stared but never saw.

Maybe I felt his lips on mine, blue and cracked,
to match my own.
Though my own do not contain such glinting incisors
perhaps I thought.

Did I make note of those incisors,
that glinted in imaginary moonlight?
Make note of sharp feel my flesh tasted a clamped down?
That sleepy feeling that creeps upon me now, as did then?

Or did I wash away those memories?
Wash aways the blood, wash away the tears, wash away the tainted taste
but I shall never wash away the scar.

Marilyn Manson Concert And Pink Hair

Sigh…. such a long time since i graced the internet with my feeble writing abilities. A lot has happened, i must say. First of all, i have dyed my hair bright pink! this is not the first time i have done such a dramatic dye job, recently i dyed it bright purple… I love dying my hair, i dont know why, maybe because having dyed hair makes any hair do look good 😛

And today, i am most pleased to tell you, I AM GOING TO A MARILYN MANSON CONCERT. its is taking all my strength not to spazz out and use caps lock far more then necessary. I just adore Marilyn Manson, i have adored him ever since i was seven, when my mum first showed me his “Beautiful People” video. I was hooked. Ever since, i have *embarrassingly* fangirled over the 44 year old rock star.  I just love him. I just…. asdfghjkl; I suppose i am so strange for loving Marilyn Manson of all people, but I have never cared what others think. And today my dream comes true. I get to be in his presence…. though from a balcony away. But oh well, i still couldn’t be more ecstatic!

I have three dreams. One, to meet Marilyn Manson. Two, to meet Alexander Rybak, and Three, to meet MIKA. Though the chances of any of these happening is slim… especially for Alexander  Rybak, a Norwegian singer, but i can still hope.  And with my going to the Marilyn Manson concert, the others just feel that much more obtainable.

Did I mention Valentines day is coming up?

Did I mention Valentines day is coming up?

And… I cant forget… Valentines day!!! woohoo!! also consider singles awarness day, i am pleased to say, i am not spending it alone! ahaha…. what are you doing to Valentines Day? how about you bake some heart shaped brownies? Buy some candy hearts, give them out? Have fun with it!

Christmas Bells Oh Christmas Bells…

Ahhh, so its christmas time again! The time for giving, getting, caring, and sharing. This christmas eve, I plan to eat sleep and draw, for those are the thing that matter to me at the moment. The snow has all melted, and the grounds are wet and rainy. The chances of it being a white christmas are slim as the chances of the sun coming out. It is… generally dreary…  But there is christmas cheer never the less… When you wake up on christmas morning, here are somethings to remember: Hug your family, 10 times a day. Give more than you receive, and bake a cookie and lick the bowl. That was a terribly sappy post wasnt it? yes well, anyways, have a wonderful Christmas everyone! ❤


Hello my lovelies! A month or two has past since I last informed you of my daily encounters… which means a season has come and gone, and now we enter the age of winter. Winter is definitely a bitter sweet season for me, especially when it comes to snow… a love/hate relationship you might say … I love the hot chocolate, hugs and cozyness, but I despise cold soaking shoes, and having to commute through icy weather. Every morning i am condemned to riding the bus, and when the road are icy, and snow ‘a blowin’, its harder then it sounds… previously, the bus didnt come at all! I had to hitch hike…. and just today it was twenty minutes late! i ended up walking 10 blocks just to end up waiting another 10 minutes for another bus, the whole time my feet were soaking… due to..hmm.. a previous battle should i say? Anyways, snow is beautiful from a far, but shitty when you have to deal with it close up :/

Also, recently I have graduated from my frivolous drawing, and have started working with water colours! At first it was terribly frustrating, and I almost gave up, but i powered through, and hope to gain some more skill in this media. I’ll posted pictures of some of my drawings soon enough! Oh, and by the way, I am entering a poetry competition, and may post a poem or two and would love to have some feedback! All to look forward to!

xoxo Mati

PS shout out to Eric for convinsing me to start updating this again, other wise it wuda just layed dusty in a foreign corner of the internet forever…